Discipline Fees/Fines:


First game no-show by team $250.00

Any additional games no-show by team $500.00 per no-show

Above are payable to the league within twenty-one (21) days from assessment and failure to comply will result in further disciplinary action and fine.

Hearing Fees:

Request for Discipline by Hearing (player) $50.00

Request for Discipline by Hearing (team official) $100.00

Request for Hearing for no-show (team) $100.00


Red Card (Player)  $50.00

Special Incident Report (Team Official) $100.00

Unauthorized entry onto the playing field during a game $200.00 per player/team official.

Team official withdrawing team from game $400.00

Team abandoning game $500.00

Club/Team Official playing an Ineligible Player $250.00 per player per game.

Club having an Ineligible Team Official $250.00

Game Protest Fee $500.00

Breach of Team Player Rules $200.00

Team Forfeit (less than 4 players) $250.00

Club/Team Officials Responsibility (Rule 5) $200.00

Accumulation of Cards: $ 250.00  - In the event that a team accumulates a total of four (4) Dismissals (Red Cards), eight (8) Cautions (Yellow Cards), or a Combination of Ten Discipline Reports (Red or Yellow Cards)

In the event that a team withdraws from the League:

i) Before November 1st, will forfeit its Registration Fee

ii) After November 1st, club will forfeit its League fee and will be subject to a fine: $300.00 and disciplinary action


All payments must be made by cheque or money order payable to OWSL (Indoor). All hearings fees and fines must be paid within 21 days of receiving notification. Clubs are responsible for all fees and fines. Clubs not paying discipline hearing fees or fines within the stipulated time will be declared not in good standing with the OWSL and their District Association, and the O.S.A. will be notified.

Last Revised: November 16, 2011

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