Discipline Procedures:

Discipline action shall be taken in accordance with O.S.A. and League Discipline Policy and Procedures.

The League Discipline Committee shall handle all discipline matters and protests
(except appeals).

All discipline will be handled as DBR (Discipline by Review) except when a Hearing is required, a hearing date will be set by the Discipline chair and all parties will be notified.

If the accused player or team official does not appear, she is suspended immediately from all soccer activities until she requests and attends a new hearing designated by the League with a new date.

Fee for a hearing (as per Appendix “A”) and an O.S.A. Player Registration Book must be presented before the hearing proceeds. If a book is not presented, the hearing may, at the option of the OWSL Discipline Chair, not proceed.


All suspensions for the indoor season will be by game dates and the player is suspended for those games only.

Scheduled Hearing Dates:

Discipline shall start the last Thursday in November and shall end with the last Thursday of April.

All hearings shall be in accordance with OSA and OWSL (indoor) Policies and Procedures. The Accused must follow the guidelines of the League regarding Dismissals and Special Incident Reports. If not followed, the Accused shall be notified and further disciplinary action may be taken.

In all cases of alleged Referee Assault, the Player and/or Team Official is suspended on notification from all soccer-related activity until the case has been dealt with by the District Association in which registered. Said person will be notified in writing of when and where to appear.

Last Revised: October 30, 2010

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