INDOOR RULES AND REGULATIONS


UPDATED Nov 2017

General Provisions 

A. The Board of Directors of the Ontario Women’s Soccer League (OWSL) hereinafter “the League”, may modify, add or delete any Rules or Regulations for the betterment of the Indoor League. Notification via website publication will be provided within 14 days of any changes.

B. In any matter not covered hereunder, Ontario Soccer Constitution and Player Policies and Procedures provisions shall govern.

C. Wherever herein the feminine or masculine term is used, it is deemed to be in the other if such would apply at the time.

Code of Conduct

All administrators and team officials must conduct themselves in such a manner as to set an example that, if followed, would enable every player to be a credit to the game.

Rule 1   Membership and League Fee

1.1    Membership

a) Applications to play in the Indoor League must be received on a form provided by the League, by the deadline date specified on the approved league application form or otherwise determined by the Board.

b) League fees must be paid in accordance with the there-on noted schedule for payments to remain in good standing.

c) League fees will be determined by the Board and will be set out annually on the League Application form published in advance of the League's season. 

d) Teams will not receive refunds for withdrawing from the league at any time. Once the team has paid the deposit and/or league fee they are agreeing to participate for the entire season.

e)  The League reserves the right to amend or balance divisions based on the ability and number of teams who apply.

f)  The League reserves the right to approve or deny acceptance of a team’s or person’s application to participate in the League.

g) The League reserves the right to require a team entering the League to post a performance bond.

1.2 Team Rosters

a) Team Rosters must be completed on the League website at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the team’s first game.

b) Roster Additions must be made at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the team’s next game in order for the player to be eligible to play in that game.

Rule 2   Playing Days and Standings

2.1. League Playing Day will be Sunday between the hours of 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. The League reserves the right to have rescheduled games at other times, and on other days.

2.2. The Board will determine and publish a playing schedule for the Indoor League on the OWSL website.

2.3. For determining the League’s Standings, three points shall be awarded for a win, one point for a tie and zero points for a loss. The League Champions shall be the team which accumulates the greatest number of points in League regular season play.

2.4. In the event of a tie for first place in League Standings between two or more teams at the end of the regular season, the following criteria will be used to determine the League winner:

1. Head-to-head

2. Goal differential

3. Most goals for

4. Least goals against

5. Flip a coin

Rule 3   Club and Team Responsibility

3.1. Each team may dress a maximum of 18 players for a game.

3.2. A club must enter a Team Roster on the League website, complete with the names of players and team officials and their respective Ontario Soccer numbers before the start of the season.

3.3 The maximum number of players on a OWSL Team Roster at any given time is 25.

3.4. Any changes in players or team officials MUST be updated the League website twenty-four (24) hours prior to the team's next game.

3.5. All players must be registered with a District Association as per Ontario Soccer Rules and Regulations and must abide by them.

3.6. Teams must provide each player with identical-coloured jerseys with differing numbers on their back.

3.7. The goalkeeper must wear a contrasting-coloured, numbered, jersey, which must also be different from that of the opposing team.

Rule 4   Player Rules

4.1. A Guest Player must have a Temporary Eligibility Permit (TEP) issued by the appropriate District according to the Ontario Soccer published rules on Temporary Eligibility Permits. The completed Permit MUST be provided to the Game Official prior to the start of the game for the player to be eligible to play.

4.2. Trial Permits are not permitted.

4.3. Only players dressed to play, and listed on the game sheet, shall be allowed on the bench.

4.4. A player shall only be eligible to play for one team in the League unless she plays up from a lower level team within the same club.

4.5. Players that are registered to more than one club, where both clubs have teams registered in the OWSL, and play a game for any OWSL team in league or cup competition, are club-tied for the remainder of that season.  A player may not play up to another team which is in the same division.

4.6. A team is limited to using a maximum of Five (5) players in each game called up from a lower level team within the same club.

4.7. If a club fields two or more teams at ANY level of the OWSL, the following will apply to that club when using call up players:

a) A higher level team(s) may call-up players from a team at a lower level of play provided that the lower level team is in the same club. Once the player has played for one team at the higher level, the player is not permitted to play for another team at that same higher level of play within the same division - the called-up player is team-tied for the remainder of the season to the first higher level team played for.

4.8 All players on a team must be in possession of a valid Ontario Soccer player registration book or Player Registration Card to be eligible to play. A team official from the opposing team may request to examine the Player Registration Book(s) or Player Registration cards prior to the commencement of the game. Regardless, a team Roster Report bearing Ontario Soccer must be available to check player registration cards or player books against.


Failure to produce the player books, Player cards, Ontario Soccer team Roster report and applicable player permits, when requested by the opposing team, will result in the forfeiture of the game.

4.9 Once a game has been started, team officials forfeit the right to investigate player books/Cards, excluding late player arrivals. Player books/cards and permits for late arriving players can be checked prior to entering the field of play.

4.10 Failure to identify guest/trial/ temporary players on the game sheet will result in the player being deemed ineligible and the team will be subject to forfeiture of the game and a fine (as per Appendix A)

4.9. In the event of an altercation on the field of play, should anyone from the bench enter the field of play during this altercation, upon report from the referee of such an infraction there will be a fine as per Appendix “A” assessed against the team
and/or disciplinary action will be taken.

4.10. Teams failing to comply with League Rules and Regulations are subject to fines and/or disciplinary action. Team and club officials will be notified in writing of any fines levied as per Appendix “A” and/or disciplinary action that will be taken.

Rule 5   Team Responsibilities

5.1. All coaches must be in compliance with their Club/district standards for Coaching certification.

5.2. A maximum of four (4) registered team officials are permitted to sit on the bench during the game and their names must be recorded on the game sheet.

5.3. Team officials are not permitted to enter the field of play, unless invited by the referee.

5.4. Three (3) copies of a team’s Game Sheet, in the form prescribed by the OWSL (containing a complete list of names and Ontario Soccer Registration Numbers of the players and team officials participating in the game, and the shirts numbers of those players), shall be provided to the referee prior to the start of the game. All players named on that team’s Game Sheet shall be deemed to have played in that game.

5.5. Players entered on a game sheet submitted to the referee prior to the commencement of a game shall be deemed to have played and the signature of any Team Official shall be deemed to have verified a Player’s eligibility.

5.6 One-half of the referee's fees ($20.00 per team) shall be paid by each team before the start of the game.

5.7 Team officials shall receive a copy of their own Game Sheet and that of the opposing team, both duly completed by the referee, immediately following the completion of the game.

5.8 The referee shall start the game at the scheduled kick-off time. If one or both teams have less than four (4) players, the game will be a default. If one team has less than four (4) players, the game will be awarded to the opposing team as a 3-0 win and a fine may be levied or disciplinary action may be taken at the discretion of the League (see Appendix “A”). If both teams have less than four (4) players, no points will be awarded and  a fine may be levied or disciplinary action may be taken against both teams at the discretion of the League (see Appendix “A”).

5.9. In the event a team fails to show for their scheduled game, the game will be awarded to the opposing team as a 3-0 win and a fine may be levied and disciplinary action shall be taken (see Appendix “A”).

5.10 A grace period of (5) five minutes will be allowed in the event that a team has less than four players at the appointed kick-off time. The Game clock will start at the scheduled kick off time. The grace period will be deducted from the total playing time, NO ADDITIONAL time will be added.

5.11. Game balls shall be provided by the home team (the first team listed on the Schedule).

5.12. The home team (first team listed on the schedule) shall change to an alternate uniform if, in the opinion of the referee, team colours conflict.

5.13. Each game shall consist of two equal halves of Twenty - Five (25) minutes with a 3 -5 minute interval for half time. The referee shall start the game clock at the time scheduled for commencement of the game. Following the expiration of regulation time, both teams shall line up, shake hands and then immediately clear the bench area and the field.  

5.14. In the event a game is abandoned because of fan interference, or the referee is concerned for the safety of any person(s) in the facility if the game is continued, the referee shall immediately file a report, and the League shall decide the result of the game, which may include rescheduling the game, and/or disciplinary action (see Appendix).

5.15. The Club is responsible for all the players and officials on their Team, for Team supporters at all times on and off the field, and shall conduct themselves in a manner in accordance with the Rules of Conduct as set out by the Ontario Soccer and the League. All team officials shall confine themselves to the bench area along with the players.

5.16. The Players Bench shall be two separate and distinct areas within the facility and immediately adjacent to the field of play, as designated by the League. Only players and team officials entered on the Game Sheet, are allowed in the Players Bench area.

5.17. Both coaches shall be responsible for reporting the outcome of a scheduled game within twenty-four (24) hours of the scheduled game by entering all game information on to the OWSL website. Failure to report the outcome of a scheduled game as above will result in a fine, (see Appendix A).

Rule 6   Rules of Indoor Soccer (6 v 6)

6.1. Except as expressly set out herein, all games will be played in accordance with FIFA’s Laws of the Game, as amended by the Ontario Soccer Playing Rules for Indoor Soccer.

6.2. Substitutions are continuous during play and must be made from the team’s Players Bench area, or from centre, at the referee’s discretion.

6.3. All games will be played as scheduled unless, at the discretion of the League, postponement is necessary due to unavoidable circumstances.

6.4. Postponed games must be played as rescheduled by the League. Failure to comply could result in no points being awarded and penalties/fines imposed. The League will give a minimum of one week’s advance notice of date and time for a re-scheduled game.

6.5. There are no offsides.

6.6. The visiting team kicks off to start the game. The ball may be kicked in any direction for all kickoffs.

6.7. Players substituting must be near the touch line nearest their bench area. Failing to do so will result in “too many players on the field” and a two minute minor penalty will be given to the incoming player.

6.8. Throw-ins are replaced by kick-ins.

6.9. All free kicks are indirect except penalty kicks. Free kicks shall be taken at a spot on the field designated by the referee, but in no circumstance shall that spot be inside the keeper’s technical area/crease. Opposing players must be a minimum of three (3) metres from the ball.

6.10. A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick off, corner kick, or goal kick.

6.11. If a player contacts a ball such that it hits the roof or other part of the facility directly above the field of play, play will be stopped and the other team will be entitled to a free kick from a spot indicated by the referee that is below the ball’s point of contact with the dome, provided that such spot shall not be within the keeper’s technical area.

Fouls and Penalties

6.12. Slide tackles are NOT allowed in Indoor games.

6.13. A referee may assess a two minute penalty for an offence, a caution (yellow) card or both. If, in the opinion of the referee, the offence is both serious and within the penalty area, the referee may award a penalty kick PLUS a yellow card.

Penalty Assessment:
Referee’s discretion                         2 minutes
Caution (yellow)                                2 minutes
Ejection (second yellow)                  5 minutes
Ejection (red)                                    5 minutes

6.14. If a team has two players serving time penalties and another player on the same team receives a time penalty, that player must go into the penalty box.  The team must substitute players not serving time penalties to maintain the minimum number.  The time penalty of the third player will not commence until the time penalty of the first player has expired.

6.15. If an ejection causes a team to have less than the minimum required four (4) players on the field, the penalized team will forfeit the game to the opposing team, and the game result will be recorded as the greater of the score at the time of the forfeit, or 3-0, in favour of the opposing team.

6.15. If, in the opinion of the referee, a player is deliberately delaying the game, the referee may award a Caution (yellow).

6.16. Another player on the field may serve a “time” penalty for a goalkeeper.

6.17. Spitting is not permitted at any time.

Rule 7   Referee

7.1. The Referee is responsible for delivering completed game sheets and any other official League paperwork (eg. incident reports, T.E.P's) to the OWSL office either by email, fax or mail.

7.2. Referees shall wear proper attire as per Ontario Soccer rules.

7.3. A Referee shall not officiate more than 3 games on a given day.

Rule 8   Discipline Procedures:

8.1 The OWSL Board reserves the right to take disciplinary action and/or levy monetary fines against teams, clubs and persons registered with Ontario Soccer for the purposes of participation in OWSL activities (“registered persons”) where it is deemed necessary to maintain control over the game of soccer and the activities of those involved with the OWSL. 

8.2 Teams, Clubs and Registered Persons may be required to post bonds from time to time for further participation in the OWSL in certain deemed circumstances. 

8.3 Teams, Clubs and Registered Persons will be advised by the OWSL Board when they are required to replenish their performance bond. Payment is due within twenty-one (21) days of issuance of notice by the OWSL.

8.4 Teams, Clubs and Registered Persons failing to pay within the prescribed time shall have their membership suspended until such time as payment is made.

8.5 Any games scheduled during a suspension for non-payment hereunder shall be forfeit, the points awarded to the opposing team, and the Team, Club and/or Registered Persons shall be subject to further fines.

8.6 Discipline action shall be taken in accordance with Ontario Soccer and League Discipline Policy and Procedures.

8.7. The League Discipline Committee shall handle all discipline matters and protests (except appeals).

8.8. All discipline will be handed as DBR (Discipline by Review) except when a Hearing is required, a hearing date will be set by the Discipline chair and all parties will be notified,

8.9 If the accused player or team official does not appear, they are suspended immediately from all soccer activities until she requests and attends a new hearing designated by the League with a new date.

8.10 The fee for a hearing (as per Appendix “A”) and an Ontario Soccer Player Registration Book or Player Registration Card must be presented before the hearing proceeds. If a book is not presented, the hearing may, at the option of the OWSL Discipline Chair, not proceed.

Rule 9   Protests

9.1. Protests based on decisions of a referee will be acknowledged as per Ontario Soccer and FIFA rules.

9.2. Protests will be handled as per Ontario Soccer and League Policies and Procedures.

9.3. Protests may only be made by a team official involved in the game and shall be made in writing within twenty-four (24) hours of the end of the game to the League office. It shall be accompanied by the protest fee as per Appendix “A”. This fee shall be refunded in the event the protest is upheld.

Rule 10   Appeals

10.1. Any discipline hearing decision of the League may be appealed to the Ontario Soccer at the following address along with the required appeal fee:

Attention: Ontario Soccer Appeals

c/o Ontario Soccer 

 7601 Martin Grove Rd. Vaughan, ON L4L 9E4

10.2. Persons appealing a discipline decision of the League are subject to that decision until any appeal has been dealt with by the Ontario Soccer's  Appeal Hearing Panel.

 Rule 11   Playoffs

11.1 At the sole discretion of the League, a play-off Tournament may be scheduled with the format to be as determined by the League.

11.2. To be eligible to play in any such Play-off Tournament, a player must have played in a minimum of six (6) League games.

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